Association of Residents Created in Kyrgyzstan

Residents and young doctors of Kyrgyzstan created an association. This was announced on Facebook by the public relations specialist of the Coalition for Budget Advocacy Elena Bayalinova.
According to her, the founders were three associations – gynecologists, intensive care and central medical.
“Initially, there was an attempt to associate only family medicine doctors as part of the reforms there. But we realized that fragmented work would not work, because the whole system had to be reformed. The new association was created for residents of all specialties, ”said Professor Arsen Askerov, one of the initiators and founders of the Kyrgyz Association of Residents.
According to Elena Bayalinova, the association was created to solve two problems: to improve education and training of future personnel and to connect residents to activities to improve the health of citizens of the country in different areas and regions.
The newly created association included residents of various specialties and young doctors of the first five years of experience. The second year resident of family medicine Elnur Nishankulova was unanimously elected as the Chair.