Participation Formats

Equipped area

Typical booth set-up. Wall panels, carpeting, table, chairs.

Unequipped area

An empty area for the realization of the most daring ideas, an opportunity to show your best side.

The Workplace

Participation that everyone can afford! If you want to try it small, then this is for you!

Offline PRO

Representing a company at an offline exhibition without the presence of an exhibitor.

Digital technologies

The unique service for visitor registration EXPODAT and mobile application LeadER EXPO is a modern way to collect contact information, no paper forms, no collection of business cards, no errors and no human factor.


Features of Leader EXPO:

— Instant identification of the target visitor by scanning his badge.
— Recording visitors’ interests by means of a product catalog.
— Interviews and questionnaires for visitors.
— Forming a database of contacts of managers who worked with a visitor of the booth.
— Adding notes/photos to the collected contacts, both during the meeting and after it.
— Questionnaires to identify the visitor’s interests and opportunities.
— Motivation of the stand staff with KPI analysis of their work during the exhibition, even if you yourself are not present at the stand.

— Online reports with the results of the stand’s work, without waiting until the end of the event.

— Using LeadER EXPO, you automatically become a competitor for the title of Active Stand at the main exhibition of the industry.

The application is available in Russian and English for IOS и Android smartphones and tablets.

Advertising and partnerships


Use the tools of BeautyExpo to achieve your goals:

• Strengthen your brand image among other beauty companies;
• Reach maximum visitors regardless of the size and location of your booth;
• Demonstrate your company’s sustainable advantage over your competitors;

Qualitative work with the BeautyExpo audience using our advertising opportunities will allow you to solve your business tasks even more effectively.

Exhibition Sections

Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine

• Apparatus cosmetology

• Laser cosmetology

• Cosmetology equipment

• Anesthetics

• Depilation

• Injection cosmetology

• Anti-age cosmetics

• Cosmetology tools

• Placeceuticals

• Intercourse care

• Mesonetics

• Permanent make up

• Peelings

• Piercing

• Podology

• Trichology

• Aesthetic Dentistry

Nail Industry

• Nail Design

• Machines and tools for nail service

• Nail extension

• Manicure and Pedicure Equipment (machines, lamps)

• Nails, Hands, Foot Care

• Preparations for nail and feet treatment

• Consumables for nail service


• Professional cosmetics for hair and scalp

• Tools and accessories for barbers and hairdressers (scissors, clamps, combs, etc.)

• Hair coloring products

• Hair extensions and wigs

• Hairdressing equipment (driers, washers, cleansers, etc.)

• Trichology

• Styling (gels, nail polishes, styling pastes), long term styling

• Hair care

• Hair dryers, curling irons and other equipment

• Professional Clothes

Make Up

• Professional makeup cosmetics

• Mass Market Cosmetics

• Decorative items for makeup

• Briefcases, bags and makeup bags

• Brushes, sponges, puffs, etc.

• Expendable materials

• Mobile studios; ring lamps

• Brush Cleaning

Massage, Spa, Solarium, Sauna

• Accessories for spas, saunas and solariums

• Aromatherapy (oils, accessories)

• Bath textile (towels, bathrobes)

• Tools for Masseurs

• Massage products

• Tanning Studio Products

• Folding massage tables

Products for professionals

• Disinfectants and equipment

• Disposable products (gloves; diapers; napkins)

• Professional clothing

Products for retail

• Household chemicals and housewares

• Home Gadgets

• Vitamins & dietary supplements

• Cosmetics and Brushes

• Baby Care

• Dietary Supplements

• Medical Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

• Men’s cosmetics

• Natural and Organic Cosmetics

• Sunscreens; self tanning

• Personal and Oral Care

• Body Care

• Fitness Products

• Express care (masks; patches)

Perfumes and fragrances

• Fragrances for rooms (candles, diffusers)

• Niche perfumery

• Perfumes for women

• Perfumes for men

• Unisex perfumes

• Perfumes for children

Accessories and Related Goods

• Costume Jewelry

• Hair Clips

• Cosmetics

• Sunglasses

Business services and training

• Consulting

• Marketing, advertising, design

• Industrial organizations

• Software and technologies

• Technologies and equipment for retail

• Transport, Logistics

• Training centers

• Franchising

Eyelashes, eyebrows and permanent makeup

• Materials and equipment for permanent makeup, tattooing

• Materials for Eyelash and Eyebrow Extensions

• Eyelash and Eyebrow Laminations

• Eyelash extensions

• Consumables

• Art Tattoo

• Eyebrow correction and coloring

• Disinfection and sterilization