Hemodialysis, an affordable country. The Deputy Prime Minister spoke about the successes of the social bloc.

At a meeting with reporters, Deputy Prime Minister Altynay Omurbekova spoke about the government’s achievements in the social bloc of Kyrgyzstan.
According to her, in the field of medicine, the main achievement was the solution of the issue of obtaining hemodialysis services for patients with chronic renal failure.
“Today, all patients on absolutely identical conditions without co-payment receive hemodialysis at the expense of the state budget,” she said.
In addition, the government has approved drug pricing rules. “The issue has not been resolved for many years. Now 53 prices have been introduced, which is about 300 types of drugs, ”she said.
The Deputy Prime Minister also focused on the oncological services. According to her, they bought equipment at the National Oncology Center with funds from Kumtor, which will be installed in 2020.
“In addition, next year we plan to complete the repair and transfer the department of pediatric oncology to the National Center for Maternal and Child Welfare in Jala,” she said.
Altynay Omurbekova added that in the budget for 2020 for the first time 100 million soms were allocated for chemotherapy, and the department of pediatric oncology – 60 million soms.
In the field of social protection, the Deputy Prime Minister noted the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. According to her, a plan of primary measures has been prepared, and the “Accessible Country” program is being developed.
“In the field of electronic support, the“ Insured Person’s Office ”system has been launched and there are already the first people who are automatically accrued pensions,” she said. She also attributed the simplification of the mechanism for receiving the “Balaga Suiunchu” allowance, the payment of one-time assistance at the birth of triplets and more children, the creation of an electronic database of children in difficult situations, the national campaign for documenting children, and the increase in the guaranteed minimum income to the achievements of 2019.
In the field of education, the Deputy Prime Minister noted the adoption of the concept of inclusive education, an increase in teachers’ salaries by 30 percent, and the return of kindergartens to state property.