October 29, World Stroke Day

Every year, October 29 is World Stroke Day, set by the World Stroke Organization (WSO) in 2006.
The purpose of this day is to increase public awareness about the problem of stroke, about the possibilities of its prevention, informing about early signs of the disease and the need for timely assistance.

Stroke Prevention

Monitor blood pressure, regularly take antihypertensive drugs, if prescribed by a doctor.
Monitor blood glucose, take sugar-lowering drugs, if prescribed by a doctor.
Monitor heart rate, take drugs that control the heart rhythm, if prescribed by a doctor.
Stop smoking.
Reduce the share of animal products in your diet
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Be sure to exercise, depending on their age and state of health.
To increase tolerance to stress (limiting the stress of generating information flow, full sleep).
Kyrgyzstan ranks first in the world in terms of mortality from stroke. Vascular diseases account for more than half of deaths, and if recently a stroke was mainly found in patients older than 55-60 years, then in recent years the disease has become “younger”. About a third of cases occur in people younger than 30-40 years old. In recent years, the number of rehabilitation centers has increased in the country.