Benefits of participating

Why participate?

Nowadays exhibitions have gained a special status explained by the current economic situation. They give a clear understanding of what companies are successful and what companies have left the market, what niches are free and how to plan the tactics and strategy in the new setting.

It is proven by statistics that:

  • Transaction costs is on average by 40% lower at an exhibition than in other setting;
  • 90% of representatives of companies in charge of decision making called exhibition the best source of information when it comes to procurement;
  • Product demonstration at an exhibition is 6 times as effective as other promotion activities;

The Exhibition brings the following opportunities:

  • Present your success.
  • Create a reputation for you company and brand.
  • Learn more about your clients and their expectations.
  • Find possible agents and distributors.
  • Receive an immediate feedback about your products and company.
  • Create and expand the database of contacts for future opportunities.
  • Learn about the market and the competition, assess the marketing capacity of your company.
  • Keep abreast with innovations and recent technology.
  • Introduce new products and services.

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